Homeless man donates thousands of dollars to woman

I heard this on the radio today and had to look it up for myself.  Apparently a woman, referred to as “Sandy” by the news, lost her job and then nearly lost her son because she didn’t have an adqueate place to live. She managed to get a hotel room so social services wouldn’t take away her son, but she wasn’t sure how she’d continue paying nightly fees.

However, a homeless man, who she would see daily while she still worked at her former job, remembered her for treating him with kindness and dignity. In return for her kindness, he has given her nearly $9,000 so she could stay with her son. He stands on street corners, asking for change, and gives it all to her except the little he needs to eat.

Talk about genuine kindness and true giving. We could all learn a lesson from this man’s generosity.

What the video by clicking the link below. The homeless man gives all the glory to God. Truly and inspiration.

Homeless Chicago Man Donates Thousands to Down-On-Her-Luck Banker: MyFoxCHICAGO.com

4 thoughts on “Homeless man donates thousands of dollars to woman

  1. AMAZING. I am thoroughly ashamed of all the times I have ignored the inner nudge to give to others. I am also super inspired and motivated to find somebody, somewhere in my world, to bless today.

    I feel like this is building onto something my sis-in-law said recently. She was showing us how she had saved a great deal of money using coupons and shopping strategically for her family. Nothing crazy, like “extreme couponing,” but still, very good shopping. What landed in my heart, though, was that after scoring a bunch of products for free, she didn’t just stack them up for later. She packed them up as care packs to give them away to others who she knew could use them. She said, “this is our sowing right now.” Most of us are trying to stretch our money so we can provide more for ourselves. That’s fine to a degree, but we need to reach outward too. Here is a woman who is finding creative ways to save and stretch money… not just to survive, but so that she can also give and sow into other’s lives in a practical way. I thought, How will God not honor this?

    God is showing me that there really is NO excuse to withhold good when it is in our power to give. And it’s clear to me that it is always our power to give SOMEthing. Thanks for this post!!!

  2. This is a wonderful story and a wonderful example to all of us. I can’t help wondering however how long it took him to earn $9,000. standing on the street corner. Amazing!

  3. Bless this man’s caring, loving, generous soul. He’s one in a trillion! This was a homeless man who could have used this money in many ways for himself.He’s certainly not a materialistic driven earthly person. He’s a Godsend…an angel.Ask yourself would I be so giving?

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